Race #1
June 20th

Race #2
June 27th

Race #3
July 11th

Race #4
July 25th

Race #5
August 8th

Race #6
August 15th

2017 Laramie Mountain Bike Series

The goal of the LMBS is to provide a low key and inexpensive evening of bike racing for all levels of mountain bikers. With a relaxed atmosphere, there is still quality and competitive racing. This is a great series for first timers through pro riders. Courses are new each race. We strive for course lengths and technical difficulties that match the categories racing them.

Race #6 Results

Check out the series standings.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers!!!

These people are what make this series as awesome as it is. Give them a big pat on the back next time you see them.

Course marking: Lynne and Dan Kapeller.
Registration and Timing: Seth Sweley, Carrie Gose, Wendy Berelson, Kris Parker, Kristina Wiltse, Alyssa Wechsler, Courtney Amerine, and Bill Stump.
On Course First-Aid: Jeremy Bey.
Sweep: Reno Toffoli.
Sponsorship: Gabriella Auer.
T-shirts: Mark Jablin.
Course Cleaning: Bob Lefevre.
Other things that needed to get done: Charlie Jahner, Matt Troyanek, Ted Sprague, David Fay, and John Westenhoff.
There are probably many people we are fogetting here that jumped in when we needed a hand with something.

Also, don't forget to let our sponsors know how much you appreciate their support for the series.

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