Race #1
June 17th

Race #2
June 24th

Race #3
July 8th

Race #4
July 22nd

Race #5
August 5th

Race #6
August 12th

Series Party
August 16th

2014 Laramie Mountain Bike Series

The goal of the LMBS is to provide a low key and inexpensive evening of bike racing for all levels of mountain bikers. With a relaxed atmosphere, there is still quality and competitive racing. This is a great series for first timers through pro riders. Courses are new each race. We strive for course lengths and technical difficulties that match the categories racing them. Our beginner courses tend to be on the short side with a limited amount of technical riding; ideal for those new to racing. The Intermediate, Advanced and Open races usually have a bit more in the way of challenging riding and we try to make the distances reasonable to each category.

Latest News:

New starting this week!
We are adding a Junior division. This is for kids that are bored with (or a bit too rad for) just one lap around the Campground, but aren't yet ready to race with the Beginners. We'll have them doing a couple of miles on the trails close to the start/finish. That age cap is 14 and the best part is, it's still free. Parents are welcome to ride along with their kids.

Race #4 results are posted!

Check out the series standings here.

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