Race #1
June 21st

Race #2
June 28th

Race #3
July 12th

Race #4
July 26th

Race #5
August 9th

Race #6
August 16th

2016 Laramie Mountain Bike Series

The goal of the LMBS is to provide a low key and inexpensive evening of bike racing for all levels of mountain bikers. With a relaxed atmosphere, there is still quality and competitive racing. This is a great series for first timers through pro riders. Courses are new each race. We strive for course lengths and technical difficulties that match the categories racing them.

Race #6 Results

Check out the series standings.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers!!!

These people are what make this series as awesome as it is. Give them a big pat on the back next time you see them.

Course marking: Lynne and Dan Kapeller.
Registration and Timing: Seth Sweeley, Carrie Gose, Wendy Berelson, Kris Parker, Christina Wiltse, Kennedy O'Toole.
On Course First-Aid: Kyle Polidora and Jeremy Bay.
Sponsorship: Joe Farstad and Gabriella Auer.
T-shirts: Becca Thorsness.
Other things that needed to get done: Charlie Jahner, Justin Attebery, Melanie Arnett, Ruth and Matt Troyanek, Owen Hitchcock, Emily Guseman, Lindsay Sweeley, Bill Stump, and Bob Hall.
There are probably many people we are fogetting that jumped in when we needed a hand with something.

Also, don't forget to let our sponsors know how much you appreciate their support for the series.

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