Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand

We ride our mountain bikes to reach different places. There are instances that we ride on sandy and muddy trails while we go in rock sections. One good way to make a comfortable ride on sandy and rocky terrains is to utilize the best mountain bike tires for sand. This makes sure the best grip, so you are able to ride enjoyably and safely. That is what this blog is all about, as we will show you the best mountain bike tires for sand available.

Which Mountain Bike Tread is Better for Sand? Small or Aggressive?

The aggressive tread is the best and most excellent tread for biking in sandy terrain. Search for a wheel that has square, tall, as well as wide knobs. Square and tall knobs will allow you to cut in the sand as well as grip onto possible traction under.

A broad know will enable for utmost surface area sitting on top of the sand; as a result, enabling you to have a smooth feeling and let you glide well on the sand without going deeper as well as slowing down. What is more, search for a tread style which has a broader space between the knobs? A wider space enables the sludge to shed off of the wheel rather than getting stuck in a small crack as well as ravines of the wheel.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Mountain Bike Tires for Sand?

There are many benefits of buying mountain bike tires for sand. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • It Takes You to Places You’ve Never Biked in the Past

Bike tires for sand are very appealing to bikers that don’t allow anything to confine or restrict them to indoor activity. Mountain bike tire for sands offers better grip and improved traction on the most troublesome paths and surfaces. Regardless if it is wet stone, snowy hills, or muddy terrains, these types of bike tires will take you to any place you want.

Leaving the mountain bike tied to a bush and going the rest of the path on foot to avoid pedaling your way out of a hole in history today. Thanks to the additional grip the broad tires offer, no terrain will be a match for this kind of tire.

Mountain bike tires for sand are made to reduce the cumulated stress of the mountain bike and rider by putting in the additional contact surface. This is why this wheel will make a remarkable impression even if the ground or surface is covered in snow.

This is also ideal for biking on the mellowest sandy beach; something typical mountain bikes cannot give. This wheel will not slip on a wet surface and will not break in contact with icy edges.

  • Bike In Spite of Weather Condition

A lot of people are into sports, and no climate scares or stops them away from doing training routines. This type of wheel tends to adjust to any type of climate. It will not slip on wet asphalt or stone. Neither will sink in snow or mud, making it the ideal way of transportation to get from one place to another, particularly if public transportation isn’t working. This also resists strong winds without endangering you.

  • Improved Comfort When Riding

This kind of tire doesn’t need to be inflated much because they offer high comfort standards at low tire pressure. The pressure this type of tire can support is able to go as low as 15psi or 10psi, perhaps even lower.

What is more, this kind of wheel is rigid and isn’t armed with any form of the suspension system. It doesn’t really require any suspension as it is included in the wheels. That is right, this kind of tire becomes squishier at lower pressure values as well as the elasticity of the rubber assists in absorbing shocks, improving comfort.

Things to Look for in Mountain Bike Tires

There are a lot of things that you need to look for or consider in the mountain bike tire for sand you choose. We have put together a list of the vital features to search for in the kind of tire you are planning to purchase.

  • Traction in Sludge: The tread on a wheel that has superb traction in sludge will have knobs that are properly spaced and slightly pointed. This style penetrates the sludge to get to the firmer ground under and also assists in releasing the sludge instead of having it get packed into the thread.

  • Wobbly Rocky Traction or Wobbly Over Packed: The tread on mountain bike tires for sand is extremely chunky, particularly on the shoulder, and is extremely aggressive. Also, there are many bars that run-flat and knobs, which are ideal for braking, cornering as well as climbing. It’s the typical and conventional knobby tire style.

  • Smooth Traction and Hard Packed: This will give a lot of low profile as well as smaller knobs on the tire’s tread.

  • Speed and Traction in Sand: A mountain bike tire for sand is broader and comes with a low-profile, small knob. You need to keep away from digging down into the sand as well as the smaller knobs and wider tires enable the wheel to have a floating effect on the pinnacle of the sand instead of getting bogged down.

  • Quickly Accelerate: This lighter weight wheel change direction accelerates, climb as well as stop faster than other kinds of tires available.

  • Climbs Faster: This wheel is lighter; thus, it climbs and accelerates uphill faster and enables you to climb quicker without so much stress and pressure.

  • Durable and Tougher: A wheel that has two-play construction is resistant to punctures, pinch flats as well as able to handle well the rough, sandy, and rocky road which mountain cycling often has. Another perk to a durable and so heavier wheel is that if you’re riding on the terrain, you’ll see that it feels more grounded.

  • Packing Ability: There are bike tires for sands that are foldable, which makes traveling easier and faster. These folding wheels are made from Aramid bead and flexible and popular Kevlar. On the other hand, you need to spend more on this type of tire.

  • Comfortable and Enjoyable Rides: A broader wheel will give you a safer and comfortable ride.

How to Choose Bike Tires for Sand?

Biking on sand is extremely demanding. That’s true for the bikers, the bike, and the wheels. Preparing your wheels for biking on the sand is the most vital thing after getting yourself ready. Before even considering biking on the sand, there are things to do to be safe and avoid sticking.

Choose a Wider Wheels: This is something you want to do while purchasing the wheels, but also extremely vital. Broader wheels may be words for other terrains; however, they will give you a higher resistance to sinking.

Pick Bike Wheels with Higher Sidewalls: To make sure you are able to deflate this bike more. If you have wheels with shorter sidewalls which you are able to deflate then much without harming the rims. Wheels with higher sidewalls, however, deflate more than half without any issues.

Pick Wheels with a Higher Load Range: Once more, to make sure simpler deflation, these wheels have durable sidewalls, and you can deflate more without harming or causing damage to the rim and the tire itself. 

Top Six Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand 

We looked at the six most popular bike tires for sand available on the market and considered them according to performance, tread type, weight, size options, bead type, compounds, and many more. These six bike tires were away ahead of the rest in the categories we considered. So, here they are. 

Kenda Alpha Bite, Tire, 26''X1.95, Wire, Clincher, Black

Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand

If you are searching for mountain bike tires for sand that is affordable but provides the best quality and reliability, look no further than  Kenda Alpha Bite Tire, 26” X 1.95, is a perfect choice.

The Kenda Alpha Bite is your reliable and quality mountain bike tire for sand available. This is perfect for bikers who wish to prioritize bike playfulness and liveliness over speed. It is simply because of the 26-inch size. This might be thin; however, it assists boost rolling resistance.

This mountain bike tire is perfect for people who are into road cycling and gravel trails. You also don’t need to worry about the sandy path as this will not lose grip on the sand. They make this likely due to the semi-aggressive tire knob outline. The continuous center tread makes for comparatively smooth biking on bike lanes, sidewalks, paths as well as gentle trails. If you want more aggressive riding, then the side treads do well.

In general, if you look for reliable and good mountain bike tires for sand, you need to look for a high quality that will last, which stands up under different riding conditions and is puncture-resistant, and worth the money you have spent. You can give Kenda Alpha Bite a try if you are looking for award-winning bike tires that will last for many years of use.


  • Lightweight: This is very lightweight, making it easy to drive and maneuver in sand or any form of terrain.

  • Affordable: This is one of the cheapest mountain bike tires available without compromising the quality o the performance.

  • Fast-rolling: This is a fast-rolling bike compared to other products available.


  • Sink on deep sand

WTB VelociRaptor 2.1 26 Rear Comp Tire, Black

Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand

WTB VelociRaptor is also another reliable mountain bike tire for sand available today. Aside from sandy terrain, this is also ideal for loose trails as it comes with wide knobs. These bike tires are ideal for braking as the wide knobs dig in loose terrain. Worry no more about losing braking power with this tire.

This is a tube-type bike tire, so you need to utilize an inner tube. It is also integrated with a wire bead outline and an ultra-tough sidewall compound. It is ideal for cross-country riding as of its super lightweight composition.

If you love biking on a coastline without thinking of unknown obstacles, you have to consider this tire. Aside from dealing with rocks, crushed rocks, and origins, it can also handle deep sand. This is made with DNA rubber and only weighs 829 grams, and measure 26 inches in diameter. It comes with an Aramid bead that makes its casing very lightweight. This is also a good choice if you wish to prioritize steering control.


  • A good tube-type bike tire comes with a wire bead and is very durable.

  • Braking specific read with a wide knob that digs in a while braking in movable terrain.

  • Popular for its groundbreaking steering control, 35-65 PSI.

  • These are the most popular mountain bike tires available on the market today.


  • This is very thin

  • Only available with a size of 26” and 2.1” vast. So, you have to see to it that the mountain is compatible with this tire.

26/27.5×1.95 Mountain Bike TiresMTB Performance TireBicycle Cross Country Tire 24/26/27.5 for Mountain, Non-Slip, Durable, AM, City Bike (26×1.95)

Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand

This is another reliable mountain bike tire for sand from Kenda. This is super lightweight and ideal for all types of terrain, and you can use it for cross country or city road riding, high speed, and low rolling resistance.

This tire also stands out from the rest due to its durable construction and premium quality. This is made with superb sturdiness, puncture resistance, traction, which makes it ideal for bikers who love bike drifting.  

This classic MTB mountain bike tire for sands comes with big, broadly spaced knobs that offer tremendous grip both in the straight and in turn and riding stability. This is a perfect choice for all mountains and downhill riders.

This is very lightweight and has extremely good handling and orientation. You can use it in different terrain and conditions; more bumps can make ideal contact with the surface so that it is able to catch the path well.

It has an exceptional deep grooves style, between the external thread, mud, lead water, snow away from the surface. Superb for use on sand, rocky, mud as well as in wet surfaces.


  • Not just ideal for sand but also other surfaces such as mud, rocky as well as in wet riding conditions

  • It has a solid look that comes from stable blocks, more rubber


  • It does not come with a rim or tube, just one piece of a tire

  • This is one of the expensive bike tires for sands available on the market today.

Maxxis - Minion DHF Tubeless Ready Bicycle Tire | 29 x 2.3 | Dual, EXO| Black

Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand

Maybe you are familiar with the Maxxis Minion DHF Tubeless Ready Bicycle Tire. Well, this is simply because it is one of the most common and sought-after bike tires for sand available on the market today. It is popular for its reliability and durability on aggressive trails.

This bike tire works well on a loose trail due to the integrated, big knobs as well as the aggressive pattern. It also comes with ramped knobs that provide improved grip as well as low rolling resistance. Also, there are channel-cut knobs that boost cornering as well as control high-speed sections.

It also comes with very cut resistance and abrasion-resistant material included in the sidewalls of the tire. This thickly woven material is super lightweight and very flexible, making sure that its performance stays unaffected. Pick EXO security for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the possibility of sidewall abrasions and cuts is high.

It is highly recommended to use this tire at the front. This measures 27.5 “ in diameter and comes with a 2.8” thick width.


  • It is integrated with a very durable and tough casing

  • Perfect for aggressive usage

  • Dual Compounds: The two compounds utilized in the thread provide lower rolling resistance as well as improved cornering grip


  • A little bit hard to get on rims.

  • Hard to seat the bead

MEGHNA MTB Tires Folding Mountain Bike Tires (27.5x2.1) Bicycle Tire for Mountain Bike by MEGHNA

Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand

MEGHNA is another dependable brand of mountain bike tires today. One of the latest offerings is the MTB Tires folding mountain bike for sand. This is one of the most widely utilized trail bike tires today. It comes with an easy-rolling tread style which makes this tire versatile on all kinds of trails.

The company has been concentrating on the bike business for many years. They have a factory that specializes in the making of bikes and accessories. The main aim of the company is to offer superior products and the best prices. This is a superb choice without breaking your money.

This bike tire does an amazing job on the sand as of its grip as well as efficient rolling resistance. This is made possible due to the integrated compounds. It has many plies on the sidewall for extra durability. The beads are tubeless-ready, which makes them easy and simple to seal when worse comes to worst.

The tire measures about 27.5 inches in diameter and 2.1 inches in width. It receives many positive reviews from previous users.


  • This is ideal not only for sand but also for other surfaces such as mud and rocky path.

  • This is super lightweight and easy to maneuver 

  • This is also durable and punctures resistance 


  • There is an issue when it comes to the grip of this tire.

Sunlite Bicycle K831 Alpha Bite Mountain Tires PAIR 26x1.95” Black Trail Knobby

Best Mountain Bike Tires for Sand

Another reliable mountain bike tire available on the market is the Sunlite Bicycle K831. It comes with triple-layered protection, and the 3-layer tubeless-ready allows casing surrounds for remarkable puncture protection.

This is also endure-ready, and it shines on endure bikes as well as all-mountain bikes with travel higher than 1400mm due to the integrated voluminous casing. This also offers an amazing grip. This is long lasting as well as a very tough compound that offers extended mileage. The knob design, as well as specific replacement, assure good traction on the most difficult and complex surfaces.

This mountain bike tire does an amazing and magnificent job on the different trails, most particularly on loose terrains. It comes with big side knobs as well as an evenly spaced tread style. It has a dual compound composition which enhances grip even on a muddy trail. Affordability is what makes this tire apart from the rest. It is cheaper than other brands, but it does not compromise the quality. 


  • One of the cheapest mountain bike tires available on the market

  • Use for fast-faced cross country racing 

  • Available in two, so you don’t need to buy another piece

  • The tire has a good thread and looks nice and rugged. They roll very well. Was far as longevity,


  • Some find it so hard to install 

  • Poor customer service. 

To Sum Up

To conclude, ensure you reflect on one vital factor when choosing an ideal mountain bike tire. This is your riding style. Do you do trail riding, downhill riding, mountain biking as well as cross country riding? If you love doing downhill riding, pick a well-built, tenacious bike tire like the Kenda Alpha Bite, which is able to handle a great deal of abuse related to your style. Trail riding needs a tire that can provide speed, durability as well as improved grip like the Maxxis.

If you are a cross country ride, it is advisable to pick a bike tire with state-of-the-art climbing power like the WTB. It has less weight as well as fast-rolling capability. If you love mountain biking, then buy tired, which offers good traction like MEGHNA that also resists wear and tear. If you choose the correct riding style, it will be simpler and easier to choose the right bike tire width range, treads, tire threads as well as construction materials. There are many mountain bike tires for sands to choose from aside from the ones mentioned above. All you need to do is to take time researching to get the one you need.